Hygea Medical Clinic

Montréal, Québec

Medical Clinics

2,400 sf


Interior Design



Three young doctors have taken over their father’s clinic, established for several decades in the Parc-Extension district of Montreal. Located on Jean-Talon Street, the two-story building, purchased by their father in 1970, needed a little facelift. Everything has been redone and redesigned to accommodate the needs of patients and doctors.

The decision was made to keep the clinic upstairs to allow a local business to set up in the rapidly changing neighborhood. The old obsolete mechanical equipment in the basement and on the roof have been removed and replaced. Just like the exterior fire escape. The most amazing transformation is the addition of a new exam room, an employee room and a washroom upstairs. All this while respecting the supply of natural light and the fluidity of circulation.

The exterior facing has been redone with a new brick that takes up the original style. The clearing of the facades revealed stone medallions that marked the main entrance.