Passion and creativity
at the service of the environment

We advocate a human, technical, sensitive and sustainable approach.

Our Approach Our team

Our history

Since 1994, Kiva has been an important player in the ideation of work environments in Montreal. In 2018, it added an architecture team to solidify and develop its position as an architecture and interior design services firm. Today, our firm offers integrated services to develop your project that goes from the object to the city.


Our values

The multidisciplinary expertise of our architects and interior designers makes it possible to respond to all projects with a coherent vision adapted to the reality of our clients. Our vision of architecture and design combines human, technical, sustainable and practical aspects. It is based on three principles:

  • Create a rewarding human experience;
  • Be technically superior;
  • Bring the philosophy of sustainability into our projects and actions.

Create a rewarding human experience

We are all human. On a daily basis, we experience spaces and places that are very different from each other. At KIVA, our job is to create these places for our clients, but more specifically for the users of these places. Our principles are:

  • Clients as strategic partners in their projects.
  • Users for whom we create these places in order to have an experience that exceeds customer expectations and meets a host of technical details (acoustics, comfort, accessibility, etc.).
  • Employees who have professional and social aspirations in order to create places offering a unique experience.

To be technically superior

Designing and imagining places is a complex and diverse job. Within our team, we have a desire to reach a higher level of knowledge, as much as at the technical, constructive, and regulatory level as we do at the technological level in order to meet the requirements of complexity with ease and confidence. We produce precise and detailed plans and specifications in order to carry out the best possible project. Our team is trained and equipped to amply respond to new technologies.


Acting and thinking sustainably

We design all of our projects in an eco-responsible way. We promote the maintenance of existing real estate assets and the integration of upcycling (the transformation of existing objects). We take concrete action to oppose environmental and animal cruelty and are deeply committed to giving back in a concrete way to our community.

Our engagement

Quality is at the heart of KIVA’s philosophy. For us, it is the provision of a service that prioritizes the customer and offers a superior technical level. This allows us to add value for our client, facilitate the proper execution of what needs to be done and provide a solution that meets the objectives of each project. It is our guarantee that the customer’s requirements are met and even exceeded. Our approach is based on three axes: planning, assurance and quality control.