Le Montfort Building

Montréal, Canada



The Le Montfort building is a former hotel of 25 stories erected around 1975 in downtown Montreal. Akelius, a leading global residential property manager, was converting the hotel into rental apartments and wanted to improve comfort and natural light in each unit.s. The Brutalist style of the cast-in-place concrete building allowed for a strong and simple intervention; the original concrete railings have been cut out on the front portion and replaced by glass railings on which a reminder of the concrete band was screen-printed. On the main façade, the partitions have been covered with anthracite-colored metal panels to accentuate the verticality of the tower and the entrance awning was made thinner.

We proposed the redevelopment of the entrance hall in order to highlight the monumental quality of the marquise by highlighting its huge concrete beam. This intervention will possibly be part of a subsequent phase.

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