Urban West

Pointe-Claire, Québec



Urban West is the first project that perfectly conveys the vision of the new downtown Pointe-Claire which greatly revolves around the opening of the REM Pointe-Claire station. This 10-story residential rental project of 179 units was built on a large vacant lot along the Trans-Canada highway and closes the street perspective of Place de la Triade, thus reducing the sound and visual impacts of the highway and future REM.

Parallel to the neighboring hotel, the building is composed of two volumes that offer a double-height and crossing entrance hall at their junction where residents can look onto the gardens. A majestic forecourt adorned with a fountain greets the residents and visitors and offers them a tranquil and enjoyable outdoor space.

Erected on a system of exterior load-bearing walls acting as an exoskeleton, it allowed for the interior spaces to be free of any structural hindrance thus offering greater flexibility in both the units and common areas. Residents and their guests will benefit from common service areas located on the ground floor and on the roof.